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Town Visioning Forum

about 1 year ago
As part of the 2040 General Plan, the Town will be revising the vision statement for Truckee. Tell us what you think by responding to the prompts in this forum. 

  • Is Truckee still a small, mountain town?
  • What contributes to our “strong sense of community?”
  • What makes Truckee authentic?
  • What types of businesses/uses would contribute to a diversified, year-round economy?
  • What does a “mix of housing” mean to you?
  • What does “natural environment” mean to you?

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  • kirby 7 months ago
    Truckee has become a target for over-development and is fast losing its "small, mountain town" feel. Growth is promoted by the town's special interest groups to fill their pockets and the town bureaucracy's revenue stream. Outside developers are taking advantage of the holes in our current G.P. We better get it right this time. Use to be our sense of community was bringing citizens together to work out our problems and celebrate our success. Today a common criticism is that no one listens to what I have to say. At public forums the same special interest groups get all the attention. We have planning commissioners and council members who don't take the time to read public comment or our development code and are heard to say they would rather leave that up to staff or outside experts. A good example of a mistake is the current practice of letting the GPAC do all the groundwork on the G.P. Update. During the last update we had numerous public meetings for input and review of the far we had a couple of kick-off presentations early in 2019. Just look at how little input there is to this G.P. Update web site. Truckee is authentic because it has a historic downtown and historic character areas. These too are under attack from developers who want to build massive projects such as the Hotel Avery and the Residences at Jibboom Street. Nothing is authentic about the Railyard development with its massive, modern design structures. Our general design guidelines and our historic district design guidelines need to be more specific and get away from too much personal interpretation. Decision makers need to listen to the results of the design reviews. Other than a bowling alley for indoor wintertime recreation, Truckee does not need another commercial entity or business. Construction is now so expensive and resulting rents so high that locals cannot afford to shop or do business in Truckee. High living expenses and the prevalent lay-back attitude make it difficult to attract employees, so why add to the problem with more commercialization? And please, no more alcohol drinking establishments and liquor licenses. Truckee leads the state in number of liquor licenses per resident and the town needs a liquor license policy. Mixed-housing means a single-family, multi-family and commercial development in the same neighborhood. It does not mean rehab homes, warming centers, drug dispensaries, short term rentals, guest houses, high-rise apartment buildings, and industrial complexes in Truckee's family neighborhoods. And please, we are all tired of hearing about Truckee's lack of affordable housing. Grants and government subsidies are the only things that will support the cost of housing... it will not happen in Truckee! Truckee's natural environment use to be peace and quiet, the stars at night, and awesome view sheds. Now we have construction noise, traffic congestion, no place to park, light pollution, and destruction of our historic view sheds. Especially these view sheds need to be protected...I am just waiting for them to wack all the trees on Hill Top.
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  • Julia C 9 months ago
    I do not think Truckee is still a small, mountain town. I have live and worked here since 1987. As with many communities, Truckee has grown exponentially. The expansions in all the subdivisions: Glenshire, Prosser areas, Tahoe Donner, and Donner Lake has created the need for more elementary schools thus naturally separating the key factor that brings a community together, its children. In the past, the "strong sense of community" was epitomized by people coming together to fund raise for needs of families. This is done through FaceBook and other social media. Community was the supporting of the schools through attending functions and helping with fund raising events. Community was the natural blending of nationalities in the community, not separation as is now witnessed in the uneven balance of socio-economic groups at the various schools. Community was going to the grocery store and having a social experience. Now, in saying all of this, that was part of the definition of a "strong sense of community" in a small, mountain town. We are a big mountain town now and the strong community is here but looks different. Agencies such as the Community Foundation and others meet so many needs. The philanthropy of the town has not diminished in the least. The question of authenticity can only be answered by knowing who we are as a town, standing up for what the values of the town are, and securing that future in the plans the town makes. I know what I want to see in our town and I am not sure we are living up to my ideals of keeping sprawl from happening. In my opinion we are building beyond the capacity of the area to hold so many people and are at risk of losing what many of us hold so dear: night stars, quiet places, clean air, low traffic volume, knowing your neighbors, and the flora and fauna we love so dearly. We do not need more businesses here. However, I would support putting in more electric car charging ports and seeing more businesses that support ride sharing or electric bicycles. The newest number of hotels and grocery stores is out of portion to what we need or should want to attract. I would hope the new general plan will relook/rethink how Donner Pass Road is being over developed and how difficult the squeeze will be for our local residents in the poor planning of placing a third large grocery store in such close proximity to Safeway and SaveMart. Mixed housing, means mixed housing - a nice mix of homes that include all income levels. The question on "natural environment" is a loaded question for me. So to be succinct, I would say, preserving what we have and not building out as we are. Right now the town is expanding up towards Northstar with its developments at the airport and expanding up 89N with the Gray's Crossing Village as well as the housing that will go on the west side of 89 near the Catholic Church. We are cutting down trees, destroying habitats, creating more noise & light pollution, and sprawling further and further. Planning and adjusting past plans is essential to the area's beauty.
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  • madison 11 months ago
  • AJuncosa about 1 year ago
    Yes, we're still a small mountain town, albeit a bit more sprawling than would be ideal. I think a lot of the sense of community comes from shared outdoor experiences, the fact that it's just us out here. Even Tahoe City seems a world away. Outdoor recreation will always be a big draw, year round, but it's a great place to live and a lot of small entrepreneurs (myself included) work and draw income from huge distances away, based on good phone and internet communications. The better our infrastructure is, the easier for more small businesses to locate here. Mix of housing is just that: lots of different categories, and the old GP residential zoning is just about all single-family. That has to change. Natural environment is the unbuilt habitat and all the species it supports, which in turn require extensive connectivity within and to habitats outside the Town.
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